Mindful Heart Counseling Service

An association is led by a team of senior consultants and a group of professional psychological Counselors/Therapists and provides counseling services to people with financial difficulties.

Emotional and Psychological Counseling

Living in a fast-paced city, we face various kinds of stress. When our emotions are not effectively relieved, it will cause some trouble, and the people around us will often be affected as well.

Emotions are our innate abilities that pleasure anger, sorrow, and joy are all-natural emotional reactions. If we can be more aware of emotions, accept them, and know how to deal with them appropriately, even if the emotional storm comes, it will pass quickly. When you encounter persistent emotional distress and you are unable to face or handle it effectively, you can try to seek help from the outside and let others help and get out of the emotional predicament.

Psychological counseling is one of the most effective methods through conversations. Counselors use different psychological counseling skills to help people understand what happened to them and the meaning to them, then they can face and deal with the problem, and start over.

Apply for funding

The general fee for individual Counselling: $900/session (approximately 50 minutes)
The general fee for family Counselling: $1400/session (about 90 minutes)

For people/families with financial difficulties, the foundation subsidizes counseling fees based on family income, hoping to help those people in need get out of the gloom.

Please call/whatsapp the center to make an appointment (Tel: 5406 5504). Once the application is approved, an interview with a counselor will be arranged.

The procedures for applying for funding