Volunteer service

Mindful Heart are supported by a number of teams on a voluntary basis. In the field of counseling, participating volunteers come from Mindful Heart Professional Counseling Association, Bethel Counseling Center, Yilian Counseling Team and Grace Growth Team. Their participation has enabled the smooth implementation of many lectures, workshops and courses. At the same time, we also received voluntary support from the “50+ Back on the Road” team (a group of energetic retirees) and “Friends of A.D.E. C. Mood Disorder”, which enabled many activities and carnivals to be held.

In addition to serving, volunteers also engage in team activities to build, maintain and support each other. For example, A.D.E. C. Mood Disorder dance group, cross-stitch group, hiking group, etc. are all lively and enthusiastic groups of elves. We hope that more volunteer teams will join in the future, so that we can work together to provide support and blessings to friends who are in emotional distress.