Mindful Heart Radio Program – How old is love

《How old is Love》26 episodes

In the vast sea of ​​​​people, there is always a love expert (or book) around you to teach you how to understand love and understand the true nature of love in various ways; but how many couples can rely on this wisdom to persist until the last moment?

Conversations between lovers and husbands: “picking and choosing, picking a bad lamp”, “everything is telling you!”, “sparks hitting the earth”, “chickens and ducks talking” are these the issues you face? What predictions do these topics bring to you…? How old do you think you are in love?

Dr. Susanna Wong who has been engaged in family counseling for more than 30 years, invited a number of counselors to discuss 26 common issues in love courses in depth about what he often encounters in marriage and family counseling. Let’s see love with you “more truly and deeply”.

Host: Dr. Susanna

Excerpted from Soooradio’s “How old is love?”, excerpted with permission

Episode 2: The so-called good men and good women

by Guest: Connie Tong

Episode 3: I'm worried about losing you

by Guest: Roger Lau

Episode 4: Burning with jealousy, what can I do?

by Guest: Ms Elsie

Episode 5: It’s all about the children

by Guest: Elsie

Episode 6: A few cents - Financial management

by Guest: Joanna To

Episode 7: Pressure Cooker – Pressure Management

by Guest: Joanna To

Episode 8: hard to guess - Communication

by Guest: Dr. Chan

Episode 9: What is the difference between love and marriage?

by Gueat: Ms Chow

Episode 10: You Who Came from the Planet

by Guest: Dr Chan

Episode 11: Good to Come and to Go

by Guest: Joanna To

Episode 12: Chickens and Ducks Talk - The Language of Love

by Guest: William Cheung

Episode 14: Save some good things and plan for the future

by Guest: Connie Tong


Episode 20: Thought Fighting (Acceptance)

by Guest: Candy


Episode 21: You’re not wrong, it’s all my fault

by Guest: Connie Tong

Episode 22: I never imagined that you will change after get married.

by Guest: Janice Chow


Episode 23: The distance between him and her (boundary)

by Guest: Mr Tang

Episode 23: The distance between him and her (boundary)

Episode 24: It turns out this is me (original family)

by Guest: Ms Blueness