Funds of the Association

Our Association is a non-profit organization and does not receive any government funding. Since its establishment, all funding has come from donations from enthusiastic people. We cherish every donation and use it carefully. Donations are mainly used to fund psychological counseling/therapy, promotion of emotional health education and activities.

The activities of the Mindful Hesrt have been assisted by a group of enthusiastic people on a voluntary. We are grateful to all volunteers and charities for their donations, which enable our work and services to be carried out and continued smoothly. Since our work is mainly performed by volunteers, we have been able to spend 80% of our income on services over the past few years.

The need of psychological counseling/therapy and emotional health education is rising in today’s society, and we hope to receive more support so that our services can continue and expand. Please give us your support so that more people with emotional problem and in need of support can receive help.

Donation method

For donations of HK$100 or above, you can apply for tax reduction with the receipt issued. (Applicable to Hong Kong residents only).

Sponsorship payments are made in the following ways:
• Please make check payable to: Mindful Heart Foundation Limited
• Bank account: HSBC 033-727462- 001
• FPS: Phone No. 54065504

Please deposit the check or deposit into the record
Mail to” 2/F Sunward Commercial Building, 27 Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon”;
Or WhatsApp to No. 54065504 ;
Or E-mail to