Educational services

Mindful Heart understands the importance of education. We are caring for the training and exchange of counselors/therapists, it also pays attention to the mental health education of the public. Since its establishment, various courses, lectures, and workshops have been held many times.

In order to improve the effectiveness of treatment and promote discussions and exchanges, Mindful Heart organizes monthly case seminars for counseling professionals. We also organize courses for professionals from time to time, such as “Treatment Starts at Home”, “Pre-Marriage/Post-Marriage Assessment and Implementation Certification Course”, “The Body Speaks”, “Hakomi Professional Certification Course”, etc.

In order to improve the mental health of the public, Mindful Heart often organizes different types of lectures and workshops to interpret emotion-related topics through various channels and methods. Since its establishment, more than 60 different types of lectures, workshops and courses have been held in institutions, schools and our center, and we have also customized emotional management courses for teenagers for schools.

We will tailor appropriate courses/activities for schools, groups and institutions to improve emotional health and stress-handling abilities, concentration, communication skills, team spirit, etc. Interested parties, schools, groups or organizations are welcome to contact us.