Mindful Heart Radio Program – Emotion Space

《Emotion Space》 26 episodes in total

Mother died and father brought a new girlfriend?
Planning to immigrate but reluctant to leave the parents?
How to balance taking care of the elderly while taking care of the child?
Do you feel like thing (Work, health, relationships, finances) is about to get into trouble?

It all starts at home.

Dr. Susanna Wong who has been engaged in family counseling for more than 30 years, invited a number of counselors to discuss 26 common issues in family so that you and I can broaden our horizons and know more about family.

If you are currently counsellor, you shouldn’t miss it.

Host: Dr. Susanna

Excerpted from Soooradio’s “Emotion Space”, excerpted with permission

Episode 16: Extramarital affair discovered

by Guest: Bebby Ng

Episode 17: No marriage without a house

by Guest: Connie Tong

Episode 18: Preaching the Gospel to Your Spouse

by Guest: Herisa Chan