Mindful Heart Foundation

Founded by a group of professionals in 2009, it strives to provide comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual services to the public, improve physical and psychological quality, and promote the idea of “whole person health”. The purpose of the fund is to build a healthy community, providing health education and activities from three aspects: Physical, Physical and Spiritual, encouraging and establishing healthy emotions and habits, promoting harmonious life, and promoting healthy marriage and family relationships.

Service Concept

The foundation is based on the concept of “5H” – Happy, Healthy, Hope, Harmony and Home. Through counseling, groups, and seminars, we strive to provide everyone with healthy physical and mental education, growth classes, and Individual and family counseling.


– How old is Love
– Emotion Space
– Deep Love

3 radio programs were co-produced by Counselor of Mindful Heart and Soooradio Far East Broadcasting.