Dr. Chan

Pediatric and Family Medicine Specialist
“Hong Kong University” “Chinese University” Honorary Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
“Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Association and Ambulance Brigade” & “Hong Kong Red Cross” & “Hong Kong Auxiliary Medical Service” Volunteer medical consultant
Founding Chairman of “New Territories West Private Doctor Network”
Convener of the Community Network of “Hong Kong Primary Care Fund”
Dr. Chen has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years. He often “takes the pulse of families” and is committed to promoting emotional health education for individuals, families and communities. Dr. Chen is also the director of Quankang Emotional Therapy Center. He is particularly concerned about the impact of “family members” on health and psychosomatic diseases.

Dr. Susanna Wong

philosophy doctor
Master of Counseling
Master of Health Education
Department Head and Associate Professor, School of Psychology (Gratia Christian College)
Director of Mindful Heart Foundation
Chairman of the Board of Veritas Book House Limited
Director of Marriage and Child Guidance Center
Associate Fellow and Supervisor of the Hong Kong Professional Counselor Association
Clinical member of the American Physical Healing Association
Clinical Member, Pacific Northwest Satir Training Institute
Fellow of the Society for Clinical Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (Hong Kong Branch)
Life Membership, Counseling and Supervision of the Hong Kong Satir Humanistic Development Center
Psychological Counseling Therapist/span>
Prof. Susanna is committed to inspiring individuals’ self-healing abilities. In addition to assisting recipients to discover their natural resources and promoting them to the social and community levels, she believes that all people can live healthier and more peaceful lives. Prof. Susanna combines a variety of treatment styles, and Satir True Beauty is her favorite. Cooperating with Dr. Chen Da to combine family medicine and family therapy, the treatment is not limited to food and medicine. The two co-authored “Breakthrough into a Happy Life”, “Treatment Starts at Home”, “Intimacy”, “The Body Can Speak” and <Brain Strategy>etc.

Dr. Yang

PhD in Psychological Psychology (Clinical PsyD)
Satir model clinical supervision (Clinical Supervisor)
Bachelor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy (New Asia College)
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Draughtham University, UK)
Master’s Degree in Counseling (University of New England, Australia)
Former director of psychological counseling at Precious Blood Hospital
Tutor of the Tutoring Course of the Off-Campus Continuing Education Department of the University of Hong Kong
Served as a group tutor for professional counseling courses at the Hong Kong Satir Humanities Development Center
Former adjunct assistant professor (Audiology) (HKU)
Served as clinical supervisor for master’s degree courses in counseling atHKSYU and University of New England, Australia
Mrs. Yang has been engaged in medical care, counseling and training for many years, and is dedicated to counseling and supervising the connection between body and mind. She has extensive experience in family counseling, promoting gender relations and youth growth.


Master of Christian Marriage and Family Therapy
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (University of Saint Joseph)
Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Certified Therapist, Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association
Certified Counselor of Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association
Prepare/Enrich Counselor
JPHAA Harmonious Pastel Instructor
Photography therapy instructor
Founder of Tongxin Counseling Centre
Founder of Hong Kong Lohas Photography Therapy Center
Counseling is to walk with others, not to let them grope alone in the darkness, but to try to use companionship, support and acceptance to walk out of the darkness with them and gain the light of life.
詹玉冰女士Has 8 years of professional counseling experience, specializing in personal growth and interpersonal therapy. At the end of last year (2022), I passed the assessment of the professional supervision course of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently a psychotherapy supervision intern.

Lai Hwa, Sarah

Master of Christian Marriage and Family Therapy (Bethel Bible Seminary)
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) (University of Huddersfield)
Professional Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association. certified counselor
Prepare/Enrich Counselor
JPHAAJapan Harmony Pastel Instructor
She is good at helping families with diverse structures, such as single-parent families, remarried families, transnational multilingual families, etc. She also provides play therapy to help children overcome problems such as anxiety or trauma. Ms. Lai has also helped many singles improve their physical, mental and spiritual, helping to improve anxiety, emotional distress, depression or insomnia, etc.
Ms. Lai comes from a multicultural background and she has more than 20 years of cross-cultural experience in helping people. She believes that everyone can discover and learn holistic growth, and values ​​a person’s balanced development in physical, mental and spiritual. Ms. Lai also uses practical and experiential therapy methods. She often hosts different lectures and workshops to help people live a healthy life. She also traveled to the Philippines to counsel victims after the storm.