About Us

Mindful Heart Foundation was established in 2009 as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting physical, mental and spiritual, supporting psychological counseling/therapy and implementing various educational activities, lectures and courses.


The purpose of the fund is to build a healthy community, providing health education and activities from three aspects: Physical, Physical and Spiritual, encouraging and establishing healthy emotions and habits, promoting harmonious life, and promoting healthy marriage and family relationships.

We believe that healthy individuals come from healthy families, which can build a healthy society. The foundation is based on the concepts of “5H”: Happy, Healthy, Hope, Harmony and Home, and strives to reach the public through different support groups and educational lectures. Provide comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual services to the public, improve the physical and psychological quality of urban residents, and promote the ideal of “whole person health”.

Whole person treatment

When a person is sick or encounters difficulties in life, his whole being is caught up in the experience. To provide effective help, we need to care about all aspects of his experience. Combining drugs and psychotherapy can directly enhance the effectiveness of treatment. In conjunction with the effects of the medication, counselors support, companionship, analysis, problem-solving skills, guidance on relaxation, relief from knots, and the establishment of healthy thinking. This treatment model is more in line with people’s needs.


It is hoped that through the voluntary participation of a group of enthusiastic people and sufficient service funds, the service scope will be extended to various communities. It is hoped that emotional counseling and educational services can be established in different regions so that the seeds of physical, mental and spiritual health can sprout.